Some Early Ridgewell Display Photographs

Tony Ince on the left

The 'Mob' - Tony again on the left

Tony's Grandaughter, Cloe.
These two bombs used to hang over the base toilets
and were labelled 'POINTERS' and 'SETTERS"

One of our early display days. Tony is pawing over something.
He used to get everywhere.

More of the same day
The Nissen Hut is part of the old hospital buildings

Julie and her son Stuart

Stuart in a Jeep

Not sure what's going on here. That's Julie's back in the A2 jacket.

All the above pictures were taken some time ago and we now in our new home
and we can offer some refreshments. We also operate an amateur radio station
from the site, call sign GB0 RID.

The following pictures were taken during our 1999 season.

Carol DeCovely, one of our helpers,
in his Air Raid Warden's Uniform

A large scale model of a Ridgewell B17
donated by one of our supporters Terry Snell

Carol's Air Raid Warden's bicycle and Ford Van

No idea what is going on here - it's the age you know!!

A couple of recent monument pictures.

A mobile exhibition we presented Summer 1998 at nearby Gosfield.
A 9th Air Force base in Essex, England.

A 1940s Dance we attended. Seated at the table, left to right, are
Julie, Tony and Me.